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    Aug 02, 2024
    Monthly Union Meeting
    Aug 02, 2024
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  • FAQs
    Updated On: Apr 04, 2017

    Why does the General Membership Meeting always start at 5:30 pm when many of us have to work until 6:00 pm?

    Hopefully one day your board can change the meeting times to 6:00 pm or later, however, doing so is not quite as easy.  The dates and times of our General Meetings are outlined in our Bylaws, or constitution, and it would require the Board and members to agree and vote on a new time. Since it is difficult to accomodate 400 members by finding the best time that works for everyone, the current board has decided to leave it as is, for now.    

    With the current MOU, do we get longevity pay?

    Section 15.9 (f) "The City agrees to restore longevity pay of 1.25% for employees who had achieved twelve (12) years of service on or before July 1, 2011. "

    This means, effective with the new MOU, employees who had 12 years of service by July 1, 2011, will continue to receive longevity pay at the rate of 1.25%.  Longevity pay will not be restored for anyone else, including part timers. 

    Will I get educational pay again now that we have a new MOU?

    On August 1, 2011 add pay for educational incentive was suspended. On July 1, 2012, section 15., Educational Incentive Pay was stricken in the Pendency Plan, and later removed all together from our MOU.  

    Now that I am Exempt, what time sheet codes do I use?

    • U3  for sick leave 
    • 6B  for annual leave
    • flex hours are entered as regular hours worked

    Do Exempt employees have to use 1 floating holiday hour (HF) for 9 hour holidays?  

    Yes. The 1 hour holiday floater rule applies to all city employees, exempt and non-exempt. Section IV F. in the HR-67 Directive "Attendance Policy for FLSA Exempt Employees" addresses this, as does the 2016 Holiday Leave Bank Memo that was recently distributed to all city employees.  SCEA continues to negotiate Holiday hours with HR in hopes that the city might one day offer 9 hour holiday pay.  

    If an Exempt employee works a Saturday 8-hour event, can he/she take 8 hours off on another day with supervisor approval/

    No, because this would be considered compensation time off which exempt employees are excluded from. or is it limited to just 4 hours for that pay period?  Or how does this work? Exempt employees are expected to work whatever hours are necessary to complete their job duties (section II. D).  

    Is the Exempt Policy HR-67 the same as the one for Management?  

    Yes. HR-67  is the only policy that addresses attendance for exempt employees whether the employee's position is management or non-management.

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